Nourished Woman

Sally Cowman is a medicine woman and priestess-in-training, who teaches women to heal their mind, body and spirit through meditation, movement and ceremony.

The Brief

When Sally made the change from nutritional therapy to Goddess healing, her existing website no longer worked for her business.

Sally approached us to help her create a new site which was better suited to the new direction she was taking.

Sally's previous website
Our Solution

When speaking with Sally about her website, it was obvious we needed to take a new direction with the design. The existing website had a number of visual cues which were much more suited to nutritional therapy than spiritual healing. Even the colour scheme was more suited to food, so there was a lot to think about with the new design.

Sally’s message of spiritual healing is akin to that of yoga practices, which is where we drew some inspiration for the design. We kept the layout clean and simple, with just enough calls to action to make it easy for people to get in touch.

The Result

"Yes Please created a wonderful WordPress website for me. I had very little technical experience and so it was great to be led through the process by a knowledgeable person.

Abi asked pertinent questions and then listened to my answers so that she had a good idea of my needs and how I wanted the site to look/feel. She delivered the website on time and kept me updated throughout the process so that we could tweak things. She also gave me good information so that I can now do simple management tasks on the site.

Highly recommended."

Sally Cowman